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A worldwide internet protest is being planned as means to push back against mass surveillance. On February 11, 2014, the internet will rise up against the unprecedented spying on the people by government that we’re seeing in this day and age. On this day thousands of websites will host banners asking people to contact congress to protect the people’s freedom of privacy. The goals of the protest is to pressure legislators to oppose the FISA Improvement Act (Sen, Dianne Feinstein’s reforms) which will expand the NSA’s powers so they can violate our privacy even more, and to support the USA Freedom Act instead, which will amend Section 215 of the Patriot Act, which is what’s used to collect the phone records of Americans. They would be forced to only collect data which they have evidence that it pertains to terrorism. The bill would also make changes to the FISA Amendment Act (the law that codified the warrant less wiretapping program). The bill also includes many other means to restrict government’s power against the people.

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Support Steve Marsh

Support Steve Marsh in his court battle against Monsanto. He now has to pay a royalty to Monsanto for THEIR seeds contaminating HIS crops. Research the situation, there’re great videos and articles about it. Spread the message on your social networks and with your family and friends. This is the first time an organic farmer who has suffered GM contaminated crops has gone to court to protect his/her right to their agricultural property. This is an extremely important case. The outcome of it can have a huge impact for farmers who in the future are cough in the same situation as him. #iamstevemarsh #supportstevemarsh #standwithstevemarsh 

You can also donate to help him here

Steve Marsh’s wife giving a speech

As the anti-government protests in Turkey continue on, the Turkish police have stepped up their tactics. They’re now even more aggressive in dispersing the crowds of protestors. The anti-government protestors over in Istanbul, Turkey, have been assaulted by riot police with rubber bullets, high powered water cannons, and tear gas, as well as hand to hand brutality, in their ongoing protests. Several reporters have been reported to have also been hurt by the riot police. Sara Firth, an RT reporter, said she was questioned by the police and was forced to delete some photos she had taken of the event, despite only being there to cover the event. Some protestors have been hurling fireworks at riot police as a response to their tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons. The protestors at Taksim Square in Istanbul have taken up the chant “everywhere bribery, everywhere corruption”

Spanish Cave Inhabitants Fight to Protect Their Unique Lifestyle


The unique lifestyle of Spanish cave dwellers is under threat. These communities of cave dwellers in Granada, Spain, now face eviction from the authorities of Spain. These settlements have been there for hundreds of years, and to very diverse communities of settlers. They’ve been shelter to homeless gypsies and religious minorities facing persecution. However the authorities in Spain don’t seem to have any respect for this amazing culture because they’ve been threatening eviction of the residence of these cave homes for years, so they can turn it into a tourist attraction. They continue to make the argument that these homes are dangerous, even though the residence of the homes have shown time and time again that they are carefully built and maintained along with having many modern features. The families have been ordered to leave before, but they’ve continuously refused to leave, and rightly so. Citizens of the cave dwellings have said that any effort by the government to evict them, will be met with resistance.


Inhabitants of the community and activists protesting their eviction threats.


Image of a cave dwelling from the outside.

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